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Site Map of Probrite.Net

HomeOur services include repair, correction, change, enhancement and maintenance of carpet color. We serve the home, mill, contractor and business alike.
 About UsProbrite, the carpet color repair specialist.
 ServicesCarpet color repair services by Probrite.
 Color RepairCarpet color repair/correction saves buying!
 Color CorrectionCarpet color correction saves reinstallation!
 Color ChangeRedyeing of your present carpet saves buying.
 Color MaintenanceExtend the life of your carpet with a color maintenance program!
 Retufting & ReburlingCarpet pile blemishes such as burns, holes, ziplines, or other distortions are repairable.
 Service AreaVehicle service areas and approximate trip charges.
 Prices / FeesCharges and fees for carpet color repair and correction.
 Service ChargesService charge estimator for cities within diving distance in the upper midwest states.
 FAQQuestions and answers about carpet color repair and Probrite.
 Contact UsContact information for Probrite.Net.
 Color ProblemsCarpet color problems that are repairable, correctable or non-fixable.
 Benzoyl PeroxideAcne medications with benzoyl peroxide destroys carpet color, with replacement the only correction — until now!
 Bleached PatternsColor damage to carpet is repairable — even when intricate patterns are involved.
 Bleach StainsThe majority of carpet bleach stains are correctable — without carpet replacement!
 Dye / Ink StainsColor repair can remove those ugly dye and ink stains in your carpet!
 FadingFaded carpet can usually be restored with very pleasing results!
 Furniture StainsPatching or replacement of furniture stained carpet is no longer necessary — there is an alternative!
 Hallway YellowingHallway Yellowing — A blemish that is reverseable!
 Fingernail PolishFingernail polish on carpets and other fabrics is usually removable!
 Pet StainsColor damage to carpets from pet staining is reversable!
 Sidematch BlendingCarpet installation with sidematch problems need not be replaced — correction is available and non-intrusive!
 Tip ShearingSidematch issues from random tip-shear are usually correctable.
 Seam PeakingCarpet seam peaking is an installation characteristic sometimes mistakenly considered a sidematch issue.
 Potted-Plant StainsStaining from potted plants need not cause carpet patching or replacement!
 Carpet Roll CrushCarpet roll crushing has the appearance of a major color problem;but is easily solved.
 How-To of Carpet Color RepairHow-To training in generic carpet color repair.
 ResourcesWeb site resources for Probrite.Net
 Job Photo GalleryExample job photos of carpet color repair.
 Textile GlossaryGlossary of terms related to carpet manufacturing, installation, repair, cleaning and renovation.
 LinksInternet links for the carpet industry and consumer.
 Copyright NoticeCopyright notices for material on Probrite.Net.
 Legal NoticesWebsite legal notices.
 Privacy PolicyProbrite's website privacy policy.
 Site SearchLocal website search engine.
 LoginSecured login area of this website.

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