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At Probrite, we are dedicated to meeting our customers' needs by offering the very best in carpet color repair and correction. By meshing time tested and proven techniques from various cleaning and dyeing industries, the "impossible jobs" become routine. Correction or restoration of color damaged carpet, becomes an alternative to carpet replacement. Following is a general listing of our services, under the broader heading of carpet color repair:

  • Color Damage Repair - most carpet is replaced because of damaged done to the carpet's color. The damage can be color loss, such as from some type of bleaching or fading; it can be color change from chemicals, cleaning products or other factors; or it can be staining caused by a myriad of sources. Many times the damage can result from a combination of problems, or even from the enviornment. It is the reversal or restoration from this damage that is known as Carpet Color Repair.

  • Color Correction - this services relates more to new installation than it does to previously installed carpet. There are times that problems become apparent only until after installation or because of installation. Many times these problems will show up at the carpet seams, but not always. They can be either color or texture related - or both. They may be a result of simply storage and transportation. They may be a result of manufacturing, installation, specification, or from the intrinsic nature of the carpet itself. Sidematch issues from both color and texture are some examples. Banding, streaking, pile reversal, or a number of other factors can be involved. Correction of these problems is many times an alternative to reinstallation.

  • Color Maintenance - Far too many carpets never reach their full useful life's potential. It is when these carpets "ugly out" - as some have termed it - that they are replaced. Traffic, soiling, fading, or even cleaning can all contribute to the aesthetic degradation. It is the minority of time that the degrading of the carpet's construction is the reason for replacement. The extension of a carpet's beauty can be measured in years when a color maintenance program is implemented. This basically involves the application of original carpet dyes at periodic intervals, and color repair when required.

  • Color Change - this services is not designed as a solution for color damage or staining, per se; but for aestetics, or a poor original color choice. Changing the color of an off-white carpet in a northern Minnesota lake cabin, to a medium neutral color makes sense. A change in decor can be an additional reason for use. Color change involves the entire carpet fiber above the backing, whereas repair is usually dealing with the fiber tips, or isolated areas in a carpet.

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