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Sample Prices & Fees

Listed below are sample labor and item costs for carpet color repair and correction. These would be used for by-item and actual costs invoicing. This type of pricing is usually the most reasonable for the customer. To see examples of how these are actually applied, refer to our Job Photo Gallery. There you will find actual job photos (before and after) with a representive job price. Included are various types of solved color problems.

Jobs may also be accepted on a bid/estimate bases. However, estimates are not free. There is an estimate charge to cover our time and costs which must be paid up-front or the contact immediately signed. Upon completion of work, the prepaid estimate charge would then be credited towards the invoiced price.

Where a customer may require a set price, but the job involves an unknown amount of labor and cost, the job may be estimated with a safe padding and given a cap price. Invoicing would then be issued on actual labor and costs, but would not exceed the cap price. The customer would then have assurance that the job would not exceed unanticapated limits. However, an estimate charge would still be chargeable and non-refundable. The result would be the same as the by-item and actual costs invoicing, but with an estimate charge added.

Sample Rates By Catagory

Basic Minimum Job Charges*
(as applicable)
Labor Rates
  • Base Rate (does not include materials)
  • After 6:00 PM & Weekends
(time & a half)
  • Holidays
(double time)
  • Consultation & survey time - on/off job site
  • Roll Crush Correction
  • Reburling, reweaving, grafting & patching (material extra)
  • Additional Materials (e.g. beyond basic &/or special order)
(cost plus 10%)
* Cancellations after leaving for job, or no-shows, receive minimum charge plus costs.

Color Blending / Sidematch Correction - Residential **
  • Color Blending Minimum Charge
  • Color Blending 15 - 40 LF
  • Color Blending 41 - 100 LF
  • Color Blending 101 - 200 LF (More than 200 LF contact us for quote)
  • Dye Color Formulation (per color & minimum each job)
(each trip)
** Prices may vary if multi-colored, multi-dye lots, non-consecutive rolls, non-nylon,
blends, or other special cases, e.g. Karastan™. Additional costs may apply.

Some Additional Costs/Fees

Media Documentation
  • Digital Photos (high resolution) - emailed
$3.50 each
  • Photo Prints
(as applicable)
  • Digital Video
(as applicable)

Service / Trip Charges by Vehicle - portal to portal ***
  • Mileage - truck
  • Travel Hourly Rate
  • Parking Fees - Tolls
(cost plus 10%)
  • Overnight Jobs - lodging, meals & misc
(cost plus 10%)
*** Refer to Service Charge Estimator to find approximate trip charges
for individual cities in upper midwest states.

Travel by Air
  • Travel Time, includes cabs/vehicles and waiting in airport(s)
  • Air Fare
(cost plus 10%)
  • Hotel Accommodations
(cost plus 10%)
  • Meals, phone calls, faxes, cab fares & misc costs
(cost plus 10%)
**** Costs may require prepayment, or can be arranged and paid by customer directly.

Legal:  Expert Witness, Testimony, Deposition, Preparation, Research, Consultation & Conference +
  • Hourly (includes travel, waiting & postponements - i.e., portal to portal)
  • Minimum per Court Appearance
  • Mileage
  • Meals, phone calls, faxes, cab fares & misc costs
(cost plus 20%)
+ May require estimated prepayment or placement into attorney's escrow account.

Note: Updated 04/27/2008. Contractor/Manufacturer discounts may apply. Prices may change without notice – please call.     

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PHOTO GALLERY of corrected and/or repaired color jobs.  More »
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