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Carpet Color Maintenance

Color is the number one consideration of a new carpet buyer. Color damage is the number one reason why a carpet is replaced! Yet, color is universally excluded in all carpet warranties. Some warranties will extend a limited stain resistance (not stain proof) guarantee, but none will guarantee maintaining the color. Sun fading, bleaching, and the majority of all staining are specifically excluded!

How many carpets actually reach the tenth year allowed for tax depreciation, while maintaining an acceptable appearance? How many companies will simply endure the last five years? How many carpeted hallways or high traffic areas soon begin to exhibit a graying or yellowing in traffic lanes — a discoloration that no amount of cleaning will remove? How many carpets under bright sunlit conditions begin to fade in a relatively short amount of time; exhibiting a marked difference in color between areas protected under walk-off mats vs. those exposed to the elements?

A color maintenance program can do for carpet color what a cleaning program can do for carpet cleanliness. A carpet will almost always look fresher and brighter just after a cleaning. However, as sunlight, traffic, ozone and atmospheric contaminants take their toll, cleaning alone becomes less and less effective in brightening the carpetís color. Cleaning will usually help slow down the color degradation process, but will not stop it. At some point during this gradual color decline, color rejuvenation or even renovation because necessary. Color maintenance is the answer to many of these scenarios. Maintenance is achieved by enhancing color on a regular basis. As carpet dyes fade or walk-off, fresher dyes can be applied to alleviate the color deficit. This program alone can add years of life to a carpetís beauty!

By rejuvenating the color on a scheduled, periodic basis, the life of a carpet can be multiplied at substantial savings! No longer do you need to make premature and unnecessary costly replacement; but simply restore and maintain what you already have — at great savings! Color maintenance makes sense; in fact, maintaining saves buying!

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