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Troubleshooter in Carpet Color

For decades we have been solving the most difficult problems relating to carpet color. Whether the problems relate to the need of color enhancement, color repair, color change, or color maintenance we have helped the home owner, business, and service contractor alike. This has been not only on the local level, but also nationally and internationally with the most difficult problems. We specialize in the "impossible job". A large part of our business is providing troubleshooting and consultation for the cleaning professionals. Carpet color is our business, our only business, and we do it very well! This is why we say, "When The Pros Need Help — They Call Us!"

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Dyeing of textiles has been conducted for thousands of years; but dyeing carpet on-location has only been attempted for a few decades. The first reported attempts started in the 1960s using such dyes as supermarket bought food coloring, coffee, tea, or union dyes. The results left much to be desired. It wasnít until the 1970sí energy crunch, when the textile dyeing industry required less energy demanding dyes, that on-location dyeing was truly born. From these metal-complex self-leveling dyes a new industry blossomed. Dyes that no longer required the in-plant high temperatures for leveling consistency were now available. Although these dyes were new, the expertise for using them was not. The same skill, knowledge, patience and ability were and are, still required.

As with any new industry with profit potential, there has been a flush of braggadocio claims close to charlatanism. No one party has cornered the market of expertise or product. There is no one fast, easy, exclusive, or all-inclusive procedure. As already stated, the dyeing trade has been around for thousands of years. Plus, if the party is using the proper materials, they are the same materials, products and guidelines researched, developed and manufactured by the textile and supporting industries. It is true that there are relatively only a small handful of firms in the world that specialize solely in the field of on-location carpet dye work and have consistent results. However, it is also true that all of these pioneering experts can learn from one anotherís (and othersí) expertise and experience. This has always been the case in the scientific art of dyeing.


We guarantee all workmanship and material. The highest standard and quality will be employed at all times. Probrite is a leader among the few firms in the world that specialize in on-location color repair of carpets. If a job can be done we can do it. However, it must be understood that the article(s) involved is(are) already damaged, and all color work performed is an attmpt to correct or improve said damage in leu of replacement. We cannot remanufacture a carpet, nor can we always remove an inherit problem, but we can REPAIR carpet color! In fact, if we accept a job after on-site inspection, and can't correct or improve upon a problem, and the job is within the Twin Cities' Metro 494/694 loop area, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR LABOR, but incurred expenses are charged. However, any job that we give advice against performing, yet the customer still desires us to proceed, is done solely at the customer's risk and expense – all labor and expenses are charged.


William Ellison, a master dyer and specialist in the troubleshooting of carpet color. Since 1982 he has specialized in on-site color maintenance, repair and correction of carpet. He has been a business owner and operator in the commercial and residental cleaning and restoration industries since 1972.

Professionally experienced in commercial and residential window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, contract janitorial, lawn maintenance, hard surface floor resurfacing and maintenance, construction cleanup, water damage restoration, odor control, acoustical ceiling cleaning, and various other speciality cleaning and restoration services.

Formally trained in commercial/residential and speciality window cleaning, carpet/upholstery cleaning and repair, commercial carpet maintenance, carpet dyeing and color repair, upholstery dyeing, special fabrics cleaning, spotting and stain removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, odor control, water damage restoration, mold and mildew control. Certified in all areas where certifications were available.

A published author and a contributing writer and technical writer for a major international trade publication. Instructor, consultant and troubleshooter for national and international commercial service contractors, carpet cleaners, dyers and senior inspectors in carpet color dyeing, correction and repair. Carpet color corrector for the major and various smaller carpet mills. Provided supervision and reformulation of professional dyes and products for the pioneering Magic Color Dye division of Jack's Manufacturing.

"When the Pros Need Help 
— They Call US!"

PHOTO GALLERY of corrected and/or repaired color jobs.  More »
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