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Redyeing Acne Cream Bleaching in Carpet

A common color loss in carpet can appear mysteriously, seemingly without warning or reason. Orange to yellow bleach spots can appear gradually or all at once, usually in bedrooms or living rooms. Acne and other skin medications will often conceal an oxygen type bleach called benzoyl peroxide. The strong oxidizing nature of this chemical will bleach dyes from most textile fabrics. Carpets often are victims, as shown in these job photos (notice the handprint pattern in the lower left closeup).
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Benzoyl peroxide is a strong bleaching chemical used in acne medications such as Clearasil, Oxy 5, and Oxy 10. Other skin products, some pet shampoos as well as certain types of plant foods also contain this chemical. As a skin treatment, it is usually in a greasy base making it water insoluble and hard to wash off. If you use any of these products, be sure to THOROUGHLY wash your hands with soap after use so that none of it ever touches your carpeting.

When this chemical does comes into contact with most carpets, bleach spots will show up within hours. However, if it is encapsulated in a greasy medicine base, it may remade dormant and not show up until months later. Many times moisture is what will trigger the reaction, for this reason the discoloration may show up shortly after the carpet is cleaned with the carpet cleaner being blamed. Because it can remain dormant for months on a carpet's surface, it is known as a latent color destroyer. Tests have shown that benzoyl peroxide can attack carpet color in solutions as small as .01% in strength.

Most spots start as orange or dark yellow in color, and become lighter over time – usually days. They can exhibit an orange ring or halo that moves outward and turning more yellow as the spot grows. On blue carpets they may be pinkish or white. Bleach stains in the shape of a hand, or as finger marks in sand are common descriptions.

Once these bleach spots do start showing up, all is not lost. A skilled color repair technician can redye these blemishes and making them invisible, even to the most critical eye. Care should be taken in finding a qualified technician, for this type of work is a scientific art. Not only is there the need to redye the spots, but chemical neutralization and removal of the offending bleach is an absolute must or the stains can reappear later. If the repair work is not done properly, it may only make matters worse.

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